I really am very tired.

Shakespeare is the name of a writer.

A little soap and water never killed anybody.

I'll join you there later.

Noam provided no further details.

There was an explosion.

Toerless is a creature of habit.

That's exactly what I'm suggesting.

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Murthy is the one who took the bandage off of Po's arm.

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I want you to reconsider your decision.


Ralph may use my video camera if he likes.

Everybody agreed with his idea.

He does not even deserve to have the sun shine on him.

Cool fall is here.

You will harvest your wheat in July.

It is beneath you to say such a thing.

Give us something to drink.

It is very interesting to listen to him.

Although the names are similar, they are far from being the same.

Lucius drank the water that he was given.

Hiroko has charming features.

The mail has arrived.

Do you really think you can run as fast as me?

Hunger urged him to steal.

What did you do on the weekend?

Please tell me which bus to take to get to the station.

I thought you only dated girls who were shorter than you.

If you turn right, City Hall will be right in front of you.

I'm glad to meet you, too, Mr Ito.

Yes, in the narrowest sense of the word.

She is having lunch now.

I can come at three.

That is not what we're going to talk about.

I don't know why Charleen would do that.

Dogs must be carried.

I didn't want to work there.

I know that she is beautiful.

It doesn't matter what happens to me.

The speech of the scholar is well worth listening to.

Wendy will be watching television if you visit him now.

Dimitry had reasons to be angry.

You shouldn't deceive your colleagues.

If only I was younger.

We've been communicating regularly.

They must be waiting for you.


Japan has caught up with America in some fields.

There was a bullet hole in the windshield.

It was raining when we arrived.

He who acts well needs not to fear.

We didn't stand a chance.

I don't know how to deal with this.

This book is so easy that even a child can read it.

I don't know where to start.

Is there something I'm missing here?

Raise your right hand and repeat after me.

She does not speak English as fluently as you.

Are you absolutely sure of that?

He put all his money in the box.


Do you have any smaller bills?

Life is full of disappointments.

I've already started to do that.


Don't you want to know what Brandi really thinks of you?

I don't like it when it's very hot.

Who doesn't write love letters?

I think it's getting warmer.

He took off his shirt.

He was so fortunate as to escape death.

He has a fast internet connection.

It has been ten years since he left Japan.

I don't really care.

Saqib seemed disappointed.

I'll pick them up in an hour.

We must speak.

Anna got into a serious relationship with Paul after they graduated.

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When Neil was working on the dairy farm, he had to get up at five o'clock every morning to go and milk the cows.

Thanks a heap.

My parents telegraphed me to come back at once.

Please tell me what I should do first.

Winnie is serving a life sentence in prison.

You will never defeat me!

I shouldn't gossip.

He drinks a glass of water every morning.

It's so nice to meet you.

You have nothing to be jealous of.

The lunch failed completely.

Let's stop wasting time and get on with this work.

Dan was spotted at a local car rental agency.

Take care of Lenny.

You can always count on him.

Colonization is one of the forces behind the spread of English.

That's quite a shiner.


You don't need to worry about us.


Jan is dying in his bed.

She finally made up her mind to go abroad.

Some of the books that he has are English novels.

Have you read "Structure and Power - Beyond Semiotics" by Akira Asada?

Think it over.


She smarted from the insult.

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We make the total about $50.

You're unimaginative.

I do not feel like walking.


This is one of the worst movies that I have ever seen.


Florian's palms were sweaty.


The song is well-known to everyone.

Birds drink water.

A good many people were there.

Are you good at sports?

She bought chicken.

Danielle may not be interested.

I didn't know that about Valentin.


What instruments does Arlene play?

Now Dan is a minister.

He was irritated by the sound.

I wasn't yelling.

Cathrin was stubborn.


I don't like change.


Timothy pulled out a sandwich from a brown paper bag.

He has written lots of books about his experience abroad.

What's going on up there?

I haven't eaten pizza recently.

I regret my recent behavior.


The mother greatly missed her daughter, who was away at college.


I forgot to sent her an email.


I'm not sure where to go.

My companions were watching me in silence and, unlike other times when my wonder had made them laugh, they remained serious.

Knute is shallow and materialistic.

Blair is never late for anything.

Angela promised to sell me his old guitar.


She reached out for his hat.

The Sentinelese people live on an island in the Indian Ocean.

Nail polish is as interesting as Buddhism.

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The air was infected with photochemical smog.

I heard someone call my name.

I thought Vick wasn't going to be working today.


I arrived at the village before dark.

Ask me a question.

I had no idea you couldn't swim.


He raised an objection to the decision.

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I knew I could count on you.

He doesn't speak a single word of French, but on the other hand, he speaks English like he was born into it.

We'll continue to support Ram.

You run very fast.

I'm too old to go to Germany.

You don't have to stay home.

I'm in perfect health.


She may have missed the 7:00 train.

Would you like me to repeat the question?

Do you have any idea what my life is like?

The road was wet from the rain.

What was that like?


What's the purpose of your trip?

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Now, open your eyes.

Well, my family's away and I can't afford to do much.

I was on my own during these months.

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Early rising is with him a matter of course.

Could I have a word with you in private?

"God bless you." "I'm an atheist."

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I have been lying around the house like a decrepit old bag of onions since I broke my leg.


He tore his calf muscle playing basketball.

I get out of breath.

Why don't you ask me what you really want to know?

As of today, we haven't had an answer from him.

Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.

Kelvin is barechested.

I think it's very dangerous.

Gregg kept on talking even though Leith had fallen asleep.

Your letter made me happy.

I made a few modifications.

He's so stupid.